Welcome to LaaS: Lightning as a Service!

For Users

Register a free account and join the growing Bitcoin economy today: sign in with your social account or email and password and start transacting in Bitcoin in seconds. We support both blockchain and Lightning Network transactions. We charge a small fee on top of every transaction, and we take care of all the machinery involved in using Bitcoin - running full validating node, Lightning node, taking care of backups and channel liquidity etc.

We do not recommend storing large amounts with us (or any other custodian), - to store your wealth securely consider using a cold storage wallet. But we will help you get your feet wet if you're still a "nocoiner" - LaaS is a grandma-friendly solution that requires zero technical experience, if you can send and receive emails, you will be able to send and receive Bitcoin right away. Use it as a spending wallet - the money you have with us is like cash in your wallet, a small amount that is always at arm's length.

For Developers

LaaS is an Open Source project - if you are interested in building on top of Bitcoin network, LaaS could be a great starting point for you. We have built LaaS in a series of step by step tutorials: from initial setup all the way to production. You can simply clone or fork us on GitHub and extend the base functionality we offer with whatever ideas you have in mind. What you get is full support for Bitcoin transactions, QR codes, user authentication, PWA (progressive web app), dockerized deployment, multi-lingual support, SSR (server side rendering), unit and end to end tests, and more. This way you get a fully self-hosted robust solution that uses enterprise grade Open Source software as its foundation. For (much) more information, please visit our Blog.

LaaS also offers a paid API - if you are not interested in using our app as a starting point and just want to build something yourself from scratch, but you don't want to deal with setting up full nodes and managing channels, backups etc. - you can just use our REST API and pay a small fee per transaction. This way you can start quickly, and switch to own self-hosted infrastructure once you're ready at a later point - or stick with us if that works for you.

Obviously, if you are interested in contributing, we would love to use your help! Please contact us on GitHub with any questions or feedback.

For Businesses

Have a business idea you would like to build with Bitcoin? Hire us! We'll roll out the entire infrastructure for you in no time, and you will get the highest quality code built "by the book" - using the industry best practices and patterns, fully covered with automatic tests, highly performant, scalable and maintainable, beautiful inside (code) and out (UI). One of the reasons we are Open Sourcing this project is to showcase the quality of our development - it's state of the art in our (not so humble) opinion. We provide full service from UX design, to writing code, to web hosting and deployment, to maintanance and support.

Keep In Touch!

With any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please reach out to our team lead Andrew Leschinsky: @ALeschinsky on Twitter or email andrew@leschinsky.com.

Or simply buy me a beer - I will prioritize your message if it's attached to a transaction :)

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